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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fwd: SketchUp Newsletter, December Issue

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Last year, Jorge De Albertis Bettocchi became a Peruvian national hero when he won our first-ever Model Your Town Competition. His efforts brought Barranco (an historic district in Lima) international attention, won thousands of dollars for a local school, and made Jorge a household name—celebrated on TV and in newspapers for his contributions. Civic pride is a powerful thing.

The 2012 Model Your Town Competition is now underway; the victorious geo-modeling team will win a party, $25,000 dollars for their local school, and the everlasting admiration of their community. Every village, town and city in the world deserves to be featured in Google Earth.

Happy sketching,

Another important update for Google SketchUp
An important maintenance release for SketchUp 8 and SketchUp Pro 8 is available for you to download and install. Apart from the usual fixing of bugs and tweaking of performance issues, we created an easier way to install Ruby script plugins, added better COLLADA support and ensured Lion (Mac OS 10.7) compatibility.

Ideas Made Real: a wine bar, a trebuchet, a skate park, a prop...
Last month, we launched the Make Ideas Real project with the goal of crating a showcase of the best SketchUp work from around the world. The response was overwhelming and inspiring: several hundred of you took the time to tell us your SketchUp story. But to truly blow out this showcase, we need to hear from even more of you. If you haven't told us your SketchUp story yet, share it now by filling out this form. Here are just a few of the hundreds of quality submissions we've received so far:

  Haunted Chapel Haunted Chapel

Wine Bar
Bertier Luyt, France


Scout Trebuchet
Peter Leroux and friends, South Africa


X Games Street and Park Courses
Dug Ketterman, California


The Machine
Evan Seccombe, California

Introducing Maxwell for Google SketchUp
To accommodate more people, the folks behind Maxwell have just released something they're calling Maxwell for Google SketchUp. It's a dedicated photo-renderer, based on the venerable Maxwell rendering engine, that operates entirely inside of SketchUp. Best of all? There's a free version. Keep reading...

SITEOPS: Conceptual design for land development
SITEOPS is conceptual land development software for folks like architects, civil engineers, landscape architects & land developers. After you've brought in a site, you can combine building footprints with critical elements like parking, islands & driveways. There are even budget tools for estimating cost. Keep reading...

Making your models more useful with Trelligence Affinity
Trelligence Affinity is Windows software made for the architectural programming & schematic design phases. The new Affinity plug-in for SketchUp connects your shoebox model to Affinity, creating a permanent connection between the model, the spreadsheet & all the data about the building requirements. Keep reading...

The more the merrier: Introducing Sketchup Ur Space
One of my new favorite sources of SketchUp inspiration and information (inspormation?) is Sketchup Ur Space: a smorgasbord of articles, tips, forums and imagery. There's a monthly PDF magazine, too. The creator, Debarati Nath, is an India-based writer who shared some info about the new site: Keep reading...

Getting a better view of small interior spaces
When you're modeling a small room, it can be a pain to see what's inside. The problem is that the walls and ceiling get in the way. By far my favorite method for working on small interiors is to make use of SketchUp's ability to have faces with different materials on each side. Keep reading...

SketchUp Pro Training Schedule: Jan/Feb 2012
Our January and February 2012 SketchUp Authorized Training Center schedule is now available. Keep reading...

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