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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fwd: PLoS Pathogens New Articles Published

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PLoS Pathogens: a peer-reviewed open-access journal published by the Public Library of ScienceOpen Access
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New Articles in PLoS Pathogens

Published December 22, 2011

Five Questions about Non-Mevalonate Isoprenoid Biosynthesis
Audrey R. Odom

Prion Uptake in the Gut: Identification of the First Uptake and Replication Sites
Pekka Kujala, Claudine R. Raymond, Martijn Romeijn, Susan F. Godsave, Sander I. van Kasteren, Holger Wille, Stanley B. Prusiner, Neil A. Mabbott, Peter J. Peters

Ce-Duox1/BLI-3 Generated Reactive Oxygen Species Trigger Protective SKN-1 Activity via p38 MAPK Signaling during Infection in C. elegans
Ransome van der Hoeven, Katie C. McCallum, Melissa R. Cruz, Danielle A. Garsin

Helicobacter pylori versus the Host: Remodeling of the Bacterial Outer Membrane Is Required for Survival in the Gastric Mucosa
Thomas W. Cullen, David K. Giles, Lindsey N. Wolf, Chantal Ecobichon, Ivo G. Boneca, M. Stephen Trent

Epstein-Barr Virus Evades CD4+ T Cell Responses in Lytic Cycle through BZLF1-mediated Downregulation of CD74 and the Cooperation of vBcl-2
Jianmin Zuo, Wendy A. Thomas, Tracey A. Haigh, Leah Fitzsimmons, Heather M. Long, Andrew D. Hislop, Graham S. Taylor, Martin Rowe

Engineered Anopheles Immunity to Plasmodium Infection
Yuemei Dong, Suchismita Das, Chris Cirimotich, Jayme A. Souza-Neto, Kyle J. McLean, George Dimopoulos

Functional Analysis of the Kinome of the Wheat Scab Fungus Fusarium graminearum
Chenfang Wang, Shijie Zhang, Rui Hou, Zhongtao Zhao, Qian Zheng, Qijun Xu, Dawei Zheng, Guanghui Wang, Huiquan Liu, Xuli Gao, Ji-Wen Ma, H. Corby Kistler, Zhensheng Kang, Jin-Rong Xu

CNS Recruitment of CD8+ T Lymphocytes Specific for a Peripheral Virus Infection Triggers Neuropathogenesis during Polymicrobial Challenge
Christine M. Matullo, Kevin J. O'Regan, Mark Curtis, Glenn F. Rall

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