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Saturday, December 4, 2010

universal subtitles

Universal Subtitles - Free and open tools for creating captions, subtitles, and translations for video.


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reprap market / jobs

RepRap Forums :: RepRap Marketplace and Job Shop


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open data

Panton Principles


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Molecular Manufacturing - The Future of Nanotechnology -


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garden in a truck

It's a Truck! It's a Farm! (And Now, It's Going To Be a Movie.) - Planet Green


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nanophotonic chips

IBM Unveils Nanophotonic Chips that Could Lead the Exascale Computing Revolution | Popular Science


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carbonyl Iron for diamond synthesis

Artificial diamond synthesis - Sintez RusMIM


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hot electrons - solar power

Capturing "Hot" Electrons to Double Solar Power - Technology Review


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smallest chess set

World’s smallest chess set and single hair barber win big in micro object contest


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Homebrew science: Jello-based lab-on-a-chip

Link: (via

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DNA alignment game



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GainSaturated Photoionization Based Atomic InnerShell XRay Laser ...
GainSaturated Photoionization Based Atomic InnerShell XRay Laser in. Neon at 850 eV. N. Rohringer1, D. Ryan2, M. Purvis2, J. Dunn1, F. Albert1, ...

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