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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fwd: News from iProgrammer

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I Programmer

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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This Week's Book Reviews



Google I/O 2012 - Longer and Later   Wednesday 30 November

If you were one of the thousands of disappointed developers who didn't manage to get a ticket when registration opened for Google I/O 2011, there's good news for Google I/O 2012 - it will be harder to get into so you've got more of a chance!

Major New Release of PHP IDE   Wednesday 30 November

Designers are well served by tools for creating web pages but developers used to struggle to find a convincing IDE to help them create server-side HTML with PHP. JetBrains PhpStorm extends WebStorm with full-fledged support for PHP. Version 3.0 is now out.

Programming for the Absolute Beginner - Free Video Course   Wednesday 30 November

The Microsoft Channel 9 site has a video course on learning to program in C# or VB. Aimed at the complete beginner to programming, it goes from the absolute start to a pretty advanced level in 24 episodes.

ARM's Free Tools for Android   Tuesday 29 November

ARM has released a Community Edition of its Development Studio 5 comprising a debugger and profiler which is free for small businesses and individuals.

DXv2 - Next Generation Tools   Tuesday 29 November

Today DevExpress releases DXperience 11.2, launching the DXv2 developer tools series designed to deliver new controls, in particular touch, for emerging technologies on a range of platforms. 

Developer Salaries Set to Rise   Tuesday 29 November

Current economic conditions mean that many workers are facing a pay freeze or even pay cuts. Mobile Developers, Data Warehouse Analysts and User Experience (UX) Designers are all jobs likely see salary increases in 2012.

Developers Keen on Kindle Fire   Monday 28 November

While the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is the Android tablet that attracts the most developer attention worldwide, in North America the Kindle Fire outstrips it.

Online regular expression generator   Monday 28 November

A new, free-to-use website provides a regular expression generator that aims to take the headache out of forming and using regular expressions.

Microsoft Releases Juneau CTP4   Monday 28 November

There's a new version of SQL Server Developer Tools, codenamed Juneau. They are still at the community preview stage, but the new version is more stable and has a variety of improvements.

Page Size Matters - on Facebook   Sunday 27 November

Social media marketing is a mine field - full of traps to derail the unwary. The results of two recent analyses show that page size on Facebook is an important factor - but in one case small is beautiful and in the other big is best.

Windows Phone 1 Year On   Sunday 27 November

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace was launched in November 2010. Since its launch paid applications have shown continuous growth with almost 1300 new applications added every month.

Solid 3D Projection That You Can Touch   Sunday 27 November

Are we getting closer to really effective volumetric 3D display technology? A new display technology uses cold fog and a laser projector to create a volumetric 3D image. See it in action in these videos.

Extra Challenges in Imagine Cup 2012   Saturday 26 November Microsoft has announced two additional challenges for Imagine Cup 2012, Windows Azure Challenge and Windows Phone Challenge, which will be run and judged online.

If Web Browsers were Super Heros   Saturday 26 November

We can't help but assign personalities to the tools we have to use every day. Love them or hate them browsers take on lives of their own. Here's a comic representation that you may, or may not agree with.

Inflatable Robots - Safe and a Lot of Fun!   Thursday 24 November

With funding from DARPA, Otherlab has designed a pneumatic robot arm and a six-legged inflatable robot, strong enough to carry people around. Watch the video to see how this works.

Siri Enslaved by Proxy   Friday 25 November

By inserting a proxy between Siri, running on the iPhone, and the Apple server, spoken user input  can be processed to text. The first application of this breakthrough is to control the setting of a thermostat by voice command. Update - now Siri has been used to start and control a car, a TV and tweet. New Videos.

Iconic Icons from Susan Kare   Friday 25 November

You may not know the name Susan Kare but you will recognize her work. She designed many of the icons that dominate the personal computer world.

A Profile of Women Gamers - Social, Sexy and Happy   Thursday 24 November

If you're sitting at your keyboard trying to work out the ideal game to write to appeal to the typical online games player, you may have the wrong image in mind.

C++ Going Native Conference   Thursday 24 November

Microsoft has announced a new C++ conference with a  lineup of speakers that's bound to impress any aficionado of the language.

Professional Programmer

Stanford AI Class - Mid Term Report   Friday 25 November

Stanford University's great experiment with an online AI course has reached the midterms and we thought it was time to turn the tables and submit a report on how it was all going. Is it living up to the promise? What are the highs and lows? How does the technology perform?

The Core

Full Text Database Indexing with dtSearch   Wednesday 30 November

Continuing our look at how dtSearch makes full text indexing and search easy, we now move on to consider the strange topic of indexing databases.

Getting Started with Node.js   Monday 28 November

By bringing JavaScript to the server, Node.js is something of a buzz in the wider JavaScript world. Here we look at the problem it solves and how to make good use of it.

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