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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fwd: Using Kickstarter to fund Our PLoS One Publication Fee for our experiments

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From: "Tim @ Backyard Brains" <>
Date: Dec 29, 2011 12:43 PM
Subject: Using Kickstarter to fund Our PLoS One Publication Fee for our experiments
To: "DIYbio" <>
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Hello fellow Biologists,
Over the past year my colleague Greg and I have been working on a
manuscript describing the development and educational use of our
neuroscience hardware ("The SpikerBox"). Since we want teachers and
amateurs to have access to the article, it is critical that we publish
in an open-access journal. We ultimately decided on PLoS One, and
after a few rounds of review over the past 6 months, we found out two
days ago our work was accepted!

We are now trying a new experiment. Our hardware/software is open-
source, our journal is open-access, so why not "crowd-source" the
publication and get the public more involved in the scientific
publication process? PLoS One charges $1350 for publication, so we
have started a kickstarter fund (deadline in 13 days) to raise the
money. Contributors, regardless of level, will be included in the
paper's acknowledgements.

I know PLoS One offers waivers, but it's not really about being able
to afford it or not (I really don't want PLoS One to just swallow the
cost, as they have to keep lights on too). We'd like to set a
precedent where the community, if they are interested in a project,
can help fund a project's dissemination and publication. My teacher
colleagues have asked about this, and as you all know, the number of
open access journals is still pretty limited. Let's see if this works,
to the NeuroRevolution!

Backyard Brains

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