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Friday, December 16, 2011

Fwd: PLoS Genetics New Articles Published

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New Articles in PLoS Genetics

Published December 15, 2011

An Anti-Checkpoint Activity for Rif1
Yaniv Harari, Linda Rubinstein, Martin Kupiec

A High-Resolution Whole-Genome Map of Key Chromatin Modifications in the Adult Drosophila melanogaster
Hang Yin, Sarah Sweeney, Debasish Raha, Michael Snyder, Haifan Lin

Identification of Evolutionarily Conserved Exons as Regulated Targets for the Splicing Activator Tra2β in Development
Sushma Grellscheid, Caroline Dalgliesh, Markus Storbeck, Andrew Best, Yilei Liu, Miriam Jakubik, Ylva Mende, Ingrid Ehrmann, Tomaz Curk, Kristina Rossbach, Cyril F. Bourgeois, James Stévenin, David Grellscheid, Michael S. Jackson, Brunhilde Wirth, David J. Elliott

HIF-1 Regulates Iron Homeostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans by Activation and Inhibition of Genes Involved in Iron Uptake and Storage
Steven Joshua Romney, Ben S. Newman, Colin Thacker, Elizabeth A. Leibold

Drosophila Ribosomal Protein Mutants Control Tissue Growth Non-Autonomously via Effects on the Prothoracic Gland and Ecdysone
Jane I. Lin, Naomi C. Mitchell, Marina Kalcina, Elly Tchoubrieva, Mary J. Stewart, Steven J. Marygold, Cherryl D. Walker, George Thomas, Sally J. Leevers, Richard B. Pearson, Leonie M. Quinn, Ross D. Hannan

Plasticity of BRCA2 Function in Homologous Recombination: Genetic Interactions of the PALB2 and DNA Binding Domains
Nicolas Siaud, Maria A. Barbera, Akinori Egashira, Isabel Lam, Nicole Christ, Katharina Schlacher, Bing Xia, Maria Jasin

Ancestral Components of Admixed Genomes in a Mexican Cohort
Nicholas A. Johnson, Marc A. Coram, Mark D. Shriver, Isabelle Romieu, Gregory S. Barsh, Stephanie J. London, Hua Tang

A Functional Phylogenomic View of the Seed Plants
Ernest K. Lee, Angelica Cibrian-Jaramillo, Sergios-Orestis Kolokotronis, Manpreet S. Katari, Alexandros Stamatakis, Michael Ott, Joanna C. Chiu, Damon P. Little, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, W. Richard McCombie, Robert A. Martienssen, Gloria Coruzzi, Rob DeSalle

Target Site Recognition by a Diversity-Generating Retroelement
Huatao Guo, Longping V. Tse, Angela W. Nieh, Elizabeth Czornyj, Steven Williams, Sabrina Oukil, Vincent B. Liu, Jeff F. Miller

A Densely Interconnected Genome-Wide Network of MicroRNAs and Oncogenic Pathways Revealed Using Gene Expression Signatures
Chia Huey Ooi, Hue Kian Oh, Hannah Zhu'Ai Wang, Angie Lay Keng Tan, Jeanie Wu, Minghui Lee, Sun Young Rha, Hyun Cheol Chung, David Marc Virshup, Patrick Tan

A Novel Checkpoint and RPA Inhibitory Pathway Regulated by Rif1
Yuan Xue, Michael D. Rushton, Laura Maringele

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