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Monday, December 26, 2011

Fwd: [P2P-F] mafiaafire routs around filesharing censorshop

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From: "Michel Bauwens" <>
Date: Dec 26, 2011 8:04 AM
Subject: [P2P-F] mafiaafire routs around filesharing censorshop
To: "Franco Iacomella" <>
Cc: "p2p-foundation" <>

hi franco,

can you cover this in blog? important, see

In the hypothetical extreme case that some United States goon agency would seize the domain entirely, most ISPs also lying about its previous DNS records and giving you a "page censored" sign, and even having blocked it at the IP level (a technique never used), you would still just type "" in the address bar as usual (given that you also have the first MafiaaFire plugin).

The story on TorrentFreak goes into detail on how this is accomplished using a list of thousands and thousands of proxies, circumventing censorship. Essentially, what the released plugin does is to turn your computer into a node in a mesh network that finds the shortest unblocked route to the target you request.

This kills the copyright industry's strategy that the ISPs are "critical gatekeepers" right dead in the water.

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