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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fwd: It's Here and It's Awesome.... Be The First To Join!

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Date: Dec 7, 2011 1:53 PM
Subject: It&apos;s Here and It&apos;s Awesome.... Be The First To Join!
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Wild Divine Newsletter
Wild Divine NewsletterDecember 07, 2011

Imagine a world where you can connect with people
in a revolutionary new way that NO ONE has ever seen...

Introducing iOM-Arcadia, the first ever multi-player 
mind/body event software!

(PLUS, it's all for a good cause)

As of TODAY, Monday, December 7th, Wild Divine is launching iOM-Arcadia, the FIRST OF ITS KIND group meditation event within Facebook!

Within iOM-Arcadia, using this on Facebook, you'll actually be able to see into the mind and heart of the people you meditate with, even if you're thousands of miles apart and from different cultures. 


With Arcadia on Facebook, you can make a never-before-experienced connection with like-minded meditators!

iOM-Arcadia is the world's ONLY group "Active Feedback" system.

Thanks to this revolutionary new meditation platform, you connect with others using the Wild Divine Software Platform and its interface, the iOM. Following clearly laid out, step-by-step interactive exercises, you'll achieve elevated mental control and total, all-encompassing relaxation.

When you use iOM-Arcadia and participate in Wild Divine's group cyber meditation, you get feedback on your progress by reading your body's vital functions, thanks to the iOM. Plus, with iOM-Arcadia, you can see how the group is progressing.

To make the iOM-Arcadia experience even more powerful, we're using it as a platform for broader positive change.

In fact, thanks to input from you, our Facebook fans, we've created a list of the TOP 5 charities you'd like us to donate to. 

Here's how it works:

Every time your group completes a series of goals in iOM-Arcadia together, the charities on the Wild Divine TOP 5 list receive a donation, thanks to the psychic energy your group generated!

This is something that's NEVER been done before. 

Our goal is to make the iOM-Arcadia experience more than just an exercise or game, but to give it this higher purpose of helping us support those in need.

Come check out iOM-Arcadia and be among the first to take part of this first-ever group meditation experience!

To join, just click here.

So, if you have friends and loved ones who NEED what you already KNOW the Wild Divine experience brings to your life, send them to the Arcadia page on our web site and give them the coupon code ARCADIA so they can save $100.

Once you're all on Arcadia using your iOMs, you'll be able to join each other and meditate together.

(See, technology actually can be a beautiful thing!)

Click this link NOW to join... and don't forget to tell you friends to get an iOM too, so they can play along!

Be well,

CEO Signature, Wild Divine

Kyle Widner
President, Wild Divine


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