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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fwd: MEMS Express from MNX

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Date: Nov 29, 2011 4:12 PM
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MEMS business

I-Micronews - MEMS : NeoPhotonics doubles capacity of narrow ...
NeoPhotonics Corporation (NYSE: NPTN), a leading designer and manufacturer of photonic integrated circuit, or PIC, based modules and subsystems for bandwidth-intensive, high speed communications networks, ...
today - MEMS business
thumbnailOPTRA introduces Risley prism pairs for fast steering laser beams to laser ...
Typical beam steering applications include: laser pointers and designators, obstacle avoidance systems, free space optical communications, laser micromachining, and laser trepanning. Typical beam steerer specifications are: steering range is 120 degree ...
yesterday Industrial Laser Solutions Magazine - MEMS business
Research and Markets: France Patient Monitoring Market Outlook to 2017 - Fetal ...
Market size and company share data for Patient Monitoring market categories - Fetal Monitors, Micro-Electromechanical Systems, Multiparameter Patient Monitoring, Neonatal Monitors, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitors, Patient Monitoring Accessories ...
today Benzinga (press release) - MEMS business
TSMC latest developments on TSV and Silicon Interposer. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC) organized the TSMC 2011 Japan Technology Symposium and a press conference Nov 28, 2011, in Japan. ...
today - MEMS business
I-Micronews - MEMS : Analog Devices' MEMS accelerometers help ...
ADI's ADXL346 3-axis digital MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) accelerometer was selected by Full Flight Technology for use in the company's flagship Velocitip Ballistic System, which is the first ever to use an ...
today - MEMS business
Brazil Starts a Chip Industry
Brazil began trying to foster a semiconductor industry in 2007 with several measures, such as the National Microelectronic Program, which offered semiconductor firms tax breaks and other incentives. But the effort was to little effect. ...
yesterday IEEE Spectrum - MEMS business
Micron to tap IBM chip-stacking tech for fast memory « News Hub ...
November 29, 2011. Through-silicon via (TSV) technology is used to stack memory on top of a controller chip ('logic layer'). The on-chip controller is the key to delivering the performance boost. Via. Hybrid Memory Cube chip that will be ...
NewsHubToday today - MEMS business
PC's Semiconductors Blog: Applied Materials announces atomic ...
SEMATECH Forum promotes 3D interconnect standards ... Mindspeed gives Mitsubishi Electric gateways super... Analog Devices high performance signal processing ... TowerJazz Reference Design Flow 2.0 fully qualifie. ...
Pradeep Chakraborty today - MEMS business
thumbnailMicron to tap IBM chip-stacking tech for fast memory
by Brooke Crothers November 29, 2011 10:33 AM PST Follow @mbrookec Through-silicon via (TSV) technology is used to stack memory on top of a controller chip ('logic layer'). The on-chip controller is the key to delivering the performance boost. ...
today CNET - MEMS business
Leica Microsystems acquires Labindia's microscopy and histopathology divisions
Leica Microsystems has announced that it has acquired the microscopy and histopathology business of Labindia Instruments Pvt. Ltd., a leading solutions and service provider in India. This transition comes after more than 20 years during which Labindia ...
yesterday MTBeurope - MEMS business


A few Small Issues about Public Engagement on Nanotechnology ...
A guest blog by Craig Cormick. Over the past decade there has been a significant growth in public engagement activities relating to nanotechnology and when you look across all the data being generated you can learn a lot ...
Andrew Maynard today - Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology, Animal Models, and Medicine
One possible solution to antibiotic resistance is the use of nanotechnology in the form of nanomachines to chew up the bacteria in order to kill bacteria, as presumably the bacteria would not adapt to resist the technology. Katie Drummond writing in ...
yesterday Opposing Views - Nanotechnology
Researchers Analyze Methods that Allow Synthetic Molecular Machines to Work at ...
The University of Maine's Dean Astumian stated that all nanoscale machines are experiencing persistent collision with the surrounding molecules, causing thermal noise. Effort to reduce thermal noise effects to obtain accurately controlled machines by ...
yesterday - Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology: Another revolution in the making
CHENNAI: Nanotechnology seems to be the way of the future, and every field is focusing on research and development in their respective streams. The latest in the city is the inauguration of a nanotechnology centre in one of the universities. ...
yesterday - Nanotechnology
thumbnailGraphene earns its stripes: New nanoscale electronic state discovered on ...
Credit: KA Rahnejat Researchers from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) have discovered electronic stripes, called 'charge density waves', on the surface of the graphene sheets that make up a graphitic superconductor. ...
today - Nanotechnology
thumbnailA fast nanotechnology platform to detect/capture bacteria in clinical samples
Wang and his team point out that their findings are a major step towards the development of a high-speed and -sensitivity nanotechnology platform that has high potential to capture/detect bacteria in clinical or environmental samples. ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
thumbnailTiny silicon nanowire generator harnesses energy from heat produced in ...
Navab Singh and co-workers at the A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics and the National University of Singapore1 have now created a nanoscale thermoelectric generator (TEG) using silicon nanowire arrays. Silicon, which is compatible with the base ...
today - Nanotechnology
thumbnailThe "White Hat" Status of Nanotechnology
To say that I am ambivalent about the usefulness--or, better put, the point--of public engagement in the development of nanotechnology would be putting it mildly. It seems that I had better get use to them because they are spreading like wildfire in ...
yesterday IEEE Spectrum - Nanotechnology
thumbnailGraphene foam detects gas leaks, explosives, trumps terorrists
Basically, graphene is a nanomaterial – it's just one atom thick; it's one of the tiniest things that humans can create and manipulate — but it eagerly forms into macroscopic dimensions. Studies have regularly shown that nanomaterials (tubes, wires, ...
yesterday ExtremeTech - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

Accelrys' Materials Studio Makes Big Impact with "Small" Science
Materials Studio 6.0 has extended Accelrys' leadership in predictive materials science through the NanoTechnology Consortium and the European Commission's FP7 NanoInterface Project. A unique collaboration between Accelrys and partners in industry and ...
today MarketWatch (press release) - Nanotech business
Graphene Technologies develops production scale graphene manufacturing
Graphene is a promising nanomaterial with potential applications in semiconductors, electronics, displays, energy storage and transmission, photovoltaics, advanced plastics and structural materials, including composites. "We are very pleased to have ...
yesterday High Performance Composites - Nanotech business

Featured Publication

Academic and industrial research scientists and engineers, as well as students working in micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), commonly encounter a steep learning curve when developing common MEMS fabrication processes. A fundamental, comprehensive MEMS-focused reference book just published by Springer promises to be an important game-changing asset for the field.

The handbook is co-edited by Reza Ghodssi, Director of the Institute for Systems Research and Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, Md.; and Pinyen Lin, Chief Technologist and Vice President of Business Development, Touch Micro-System Technology Corp. Taoyuan, Taiwan. It features 35 international contributing authors who are MEMS leaders in academic, industrial and government laboratory settings.

The final chapter on Process Integration was written by MNX founder and director Dr. Michael Huff.

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