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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fwd: Polyoxometalate papers (Metamodern)

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Subject: Polyoxometalate papers (Metamodern)

Polyoxometalate papers (05/03/11 18:42:31 UTC)

Background: polyoxometalate nanostructures are cool (more here.)

Lee Cronin sent me a pdf of the polyoxometalate paper I discussed in my previous post, and he notes that readers can download it here, with other papers on his group's website here.

The Israel Journal of Chemistry has a new special issue, "Frontiers in Metal Oxide Cluster Science", that includes an overview with the provocative title "Oxo-Metalate Building Blocks: Conceptual Competitors for Tetravalent Carbon?" [pdf]. Excerpt:

These developments offer options for controlling structure and function—in principle analogous to activities in organic chemistry.

Note that part of the story is bridging POM chemistry to organic chemistry itself.

In this connection, chemists may find this Chemical Communications review particularly interesting: "Functionalization of polyoxometalates: towards advanced applications in catalysis and materials science". I'd intended to post a link to the pdf, but the free version has apparently disappeared.

(By the way, in exploring the literature across a range of disciplines, I've found that chemistry journals are among the worst for open access. Even my ACS membership gives me online access to exactly zero ACS journals — and members are starting to complain.)


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